Hannah Wolfe Birth Doula

Currently in training with Birth Arts International

Birth Doula Package


Birth Doula Package includes:

  • 3 prenatal visits 30min-2hrs (This can be an in home visit, I can accompany you to Midwife/Ob visits, meeting for lunch, sit and talk while kids play at park, etc. During one of our prenatal visits we will go over/create an ideal birth plan. At our first Prenatal I will ask for a $75 deposit.

  • On Call for Birth. The 2 weeks leading up to your due date, and 2 weeks past. I will be on call 24/7 (If you go over your due date don't worry we will come up with a plan, I don't mind being on call further, but may run into the issue of being on call for another clients birth).  I will also come and support you in the case of pre-term labor, I just can't guarantee my availability. You can call me at any time of day and I will head over to support you. I come to your birth with knowledge, reasurance, love, comfort measures (YES!), support, my trusty Doula bag filled with magical things ;D and anything that helps create the birth you have in mind! I will stay for immediate postpartum, but will leave 1 hour after birth.

  • Postpartum Visit. The postpartum visit is when I will receive the remainder of my payment ($425). We will also go over your feelings about the birth. Discuss how you are feeling. I can also help out around the house for little bit. I can hold baby while you grab a shower, I can preoccupy the siblings so you and baby can grab a nap. I am visiting you postpartum to make sure your well being is in check. Birthing is a process, and the 4th trimester is a real thing! Postpartum is hard, and I want to make sure you are receiving adequate support.

*If my fees are out of your price range, but you would still love a doula, PLEASE contact me! I am willing to work with payments, and possibly a lower fee.*

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